Monday, 29 April 2013

Catabloguing: The Goon

This week features Eric Powell's hand crafted,  depression era comedy epic, The Goon. The current ongoing series begins with vol 3. It's not as neat as previous lists as there is a lot of guests to include :)

Written & drawn by Eric Powell
Colours by Dave Stewart, Eric & Robin Powell.
Published by Dark Horse.

V.0 Rough Stuff. 1-3 (1999)    

V.1 Nothing But Misery. 1-4 (2003)
 & Goon short.

V.2 My Murderous Childhood. 1-4. (2005) 
Meet the Mudd Brothers & The abominable boggy by Kyle Hotz.

V.3 Heaps of Ruination. 5-8.
Guest art & dialogue,  Mike Mignola.

V.4 Virtue and the Grim Consequences Thereof. 9-13. 

V.5 Wicked Inclinations. 14-18.

V.6 Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr. Wicker.

V.7 A place of Heartache and Grief. 19-23.

V.8 Those That is Damned . 24-27.
 Myspace presents #6. Feat:
The Fillbach Bros
Kyle Hotz
Rebecca Sugar
Frans Boukas
John Arcudi
Herbe Trimpe
Bob Fingerman.

V.9 Calamity of Conscience. 28-31.

V.10 Death's Greedy Comeuppance. 32-33.
 The Buzzard. 1-3.

V.11 The Deformed of Body and the Devious of Mind. 34-37
An Irish Wake
The Goon's on Vacation
(Guest writer Evan Dorkin.)

V.12 Them That Raised Us Lament. 38-41


As is often the case when you have a creator/writer/artist running the show. You get an end product that is at the top of it’s game, often with decades of thoughts and fixes going into it. The Goon is no exception, when reading it you can’t help but notice how much work has went into it’s creation.

Firstly it is just down right hilarious. A wonderful mix of dark, edgy humour mixed with in your face slapstick and overheard endings of mythical tales and jokes. The “Ol Time” charm of the depression era setting seems to make everything even funnier. Basically If you don’t find The Goon funny I don’t think we should be friends!

In volume 1 we follow the Goon and his buddy cop sidekick Franky as they act as enforcers for a local mob boss. Along the way we see them fight zombie hordes, giant fish, law enforcers and we meet #1 bad guy the Zombie priest. A great character with a bit of a thing for reanimating corpses.

The Goon trades are great. Filled with mental adverts and crazy stories that go way off on tangents. Theres a V.0 out as well which I would recommend as a starter. It contains short Goon stories published before the series was announced as an ongoing. Great sketchbook and cover galleries in both volumes

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