Sunday, 28 April 2013

Marvel NOW TPB's. Fantastic 4 & Gambit.

These are the first trades I've picked up since Marvel's NOW relaunched. The only change in design is a new logo on the spine. Well, the exact same logo but smaller. Because clearly making your books stand out on the shelf isn't important to Marvel anymore.

Compared to DC, Marvel have been really consistent with their spine logos for well over a decade now have had the same standard logo, varying in colours. This makes for one really neat bookshelf. Not only will these new trades look stupid next to my existing comics. It's going to take a couple of years to build up a block big enough so that they look good enough on their own.

New design on the right compared to previous.

That's my only complaint though. I'm impressed that Marvel have had the sense to compile Fantastic Four and FF together, with volume 1 Containing issues 1-3 of both titles. This seriously increases my chances of picking up volume 2. The inside covers feature a handy, chronological reading order of Hickman's run on the F4 in trades.

As for bonus features. Included in the back pages are variant covers, concept art, character designs and a guide to where Marvel's AR app can be used throughout the trade to access extra content. 6 issues for £11.99

Variant covers In bonus material.

I only picked up Gambit because I enjoyed #1 on the Marvel free digital giveaway so much. So they've already turned that into one sale from me. Fair play. The trade design is identical to that of F4. Collecting orders for X-men and Schism on the inside covers and no bonus features but very reasonably priced at £13.99 for 7 issues

Marvel AR app guide

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