Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Search For Ant Man pt 2.

The Search For Ant-Man #2

Top 5 Reason Why Its hard to collect Ant Man books.

1. there are very few actual Ant Man comics

 2 there are so many different avengers books its hard to know where to start

3 there are 3 (very) different Ant Men all with unique stories and backgrounds 

4 he changes identities more than the lib dems change sides! And finally 

5 he jumps in and out of the avengers all the time and skirts round to almost every book imaginable. 

So discovering where to find this elusive character was tricky in and of itself and actually getting hold of the books has been hard as hell for the the most part. So I'm going to create a list of every single appearance of each Ant Man as I collect it and update it as we go along, at this point im happy to get them all so i can read them so im happy buying them in trades or in singles but the end goal is every appearance in singles (as well as at least one of every ant man & wasp action figure).

Each week on the blog I will either detail something new I've picked up or highlight something in my Ant Man collection.

This week I managed to pick up Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes #6 which has one of my all time favourite covers featuring the Yellowjacket and Wasp wedding it looks amazing and I'm actually tempted to get this one framed as its a beautiful copy, near mint. I picked this one up from EBay for £3 delivered, which is a bargain for me as I would have happily paid double for this particular issue! 

That's it for this week tune in again next week as the Search For Ant Man continues!

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