Thursday, 18 April 2013

Catabloguing: New Avengers

As a massive collector of TPB's I am going to write a weekly article focusing on different, iconic runs collected in paperback cataloguing where the run is collected, creative teams, spin offs etc.

For the first week I want to cover Brian Michael Bendis' New Avengers v1 (2005-2010)
All books written by Bendis with artists listed underneath.

V.1 Breakout. 01-06

V.2 Sentry. 07-10

V.3 Secrets & Lies. 11-15

V.4 The Collective. 16-20
McNiven/Deodato Jr

V.5 Civil War. 21-25

V.6 Revolution. 26-31

V.7 The Trust. 32-37 & An #2

V.8 Secret Invasion Bk 1. 38-42

V.9 Secret Invasion Bk 2. 43-47

V.10 Power. 48-50 & Secret Invasion: Dark Reign.

V.11 Search for the Sorcerer Supreme. 51-54

V.12 Powerloss. 55-60

New Avengers: Siege. 61-64, An #3, Dark Reign the List & Finale.

NA: The Reunion. 01-05 & Dark Reign: New Nation

NA: The Illuminati 01-05

Other Essential Reading:
House of M,
Civil War,
Secret Invasion,
Mighty Avengers,
Dark Avengers.

Before the Heroic Age renumbering a couple of years ago, New Avengers served as the back bone to Marvel's main 616 Universe. Setting up many of the last decades major events and dealing with the fall out as well.
Bendis run on New Avengers reignited the team book like never before, introducing fan favourite characters like Spider-man and Wolverine and shifting focus on to lesser known characters like Luke Cage and the Sentry. His heavy use of dialog has earned him much criticism but personally it is one of my favourite things about his run. Every character is allowed room to grow as part of the team and you never get the feeling of heroes being forced into the title to sell issues. Also the Spidey/Wolvie banter is one of my favourite things in comics ever.

Highlights of the run for me include, The super villain prison break that brings the team together, the entire Sentry plot, the fall out from Civil War, the New Avengers operating illegally during Dark Reign and Siege/Finale.

To appreciate the series in it's entirety I recommend starting Mighty Avengers after Civil War and Dark Avengers after Secret Invasion.

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