Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Catabloguing: Fantastic Four

After the universe expanding New Avengers I decided this week should be the much more self contained Fantastic Four run by Jonathan Hickman.

All books written by Hickman with artists listed underneath. F4 is used for Fantastic Four & FF for Future Foundation.

Fantastic Four: Dark Reign 01-05.

F4 V.1 Solve Everything. 570-574.

F4 V.2 Prime Elements. 575-578.

F4 V.3 The Future Foundation. 579-582.

F4 V.4 Three. 583-588.

FF v.1 Tomorrow. 01-05.

FF v.2 All Hope Lies In Doom. 06-11

F4 V.5 Forever. 600-605

FF v.3 The Supremor Seed. 12-17

FF v.4 Whatever you Want to be. 18-23

F4 V.6 Foundation. 605.1-611

Other relevant comics.

X-Men: FF
ASM: Fantastic Spider-man

Hickman's Fantastic Four is one of those beautifully crafted, modern runs on classic characters that completely reinvents the franchise. His big picture story telling rewards the kind of fans that pour over every panel and then start over again as soon as they finish.

This grand sci-fi epic explores hidden worlds within our planet as well as outer space and inter-dimensional. While the science side of things is well researched and even better executed, it always, as it should in a F4 comic, takes second place to the books central theme of family. Valerie and Franklin are the absolute stars of Hickman's run.

Highlights include: the Dark Reign intro (Thunderbolts vs F4 kids) any moment between Valerie and Doom, the absolutely heart breaking "silent" issue, the newly extended F4 family and the inclusion of Spider-Man.

I'll leave you with a text I got from my friend Matt, who after borrowing the first four volumes said. "It's like someone's taken a science dump inside my head."

List compiled with help from @alsoMike.  Thanks

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