Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Todays New Trades 21/08/13

Happy new comic day folks. I would imagine volume 7 of Chew will be a big seller for your LCS today. I've fallen behind myself so might just hold back for omnibuses.

Over at Marvel the NOW books continue to roll out with the latest Deadpool and Fantastic Four trades. Two end of an era books with Bendis' New Avengers and Slott's last Amazing Spider-Man trade Dying Wish, no spoilers! :p

I'm still to combine my love for comics and Star wars and the Knights of the Old Republic omnibus looks like a good buy. Collecting the first 18 issues (volumes 1-3) together for only £15. If you have any Star Wars recommendations then please feel free to comment bellow.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer Willow Wonderland TP
Dragon Age Volume 3 Until We Sleep HC
Nexus Omnibus Volume 3 TP
Sacrifice HC
Savage Sword Of Conan Volume 14 TP
Star Wars Omnibus Knights Of The Old Republic Volume 1 TP


Captain Atom Volume 2 Genesis TP
DC Universe Presents Volume 2 Vandal Savage TP
Green Lantern Sector 2814 Volume 2 TP
World Of Warcraft Bloodsworn HC


Berkeleyworks The Art Of Berkeley Breathed From Bloom County And Beyond HC
G.I. JOE The Complete Collection Volume 1 HC (Red Label Edition)
Judge Dredd The Complete Carlos Ezquerra Volume 1 HC (Red Label Edition)
Transformers Last Stand Of The Wreckers HC (Red Label Edition),


Chew Volume 7 Bad Apples TP


Avengers The Complete Collection By Geoff Johns Volume 2 TP
Deadpool Volume 2 Soul Hunter TP
Fantastic Four Volume 2 Road Trip TP
Marvel 1602 HC (10th Anniversary Edition)
Mighty Thor Omnibus Volume 2 HC (Esad Ribic Cover)
New Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis Volume 5 TP
Spider-Man Dying Wish TP
Superior Spider-Man #16
Superior Spider-Man Volume 2 A Troubled Mind TP,

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