Sunday, 4 August 2013

Review. The Manhattan Projects. Volume 2

Manhattan Projects v2

Jonathan Hickman & Nick Pitarra
Image Comics.

MP2 had seriously big shoes to fill after the successful first volume of Hickman's post world war 2, bizarre science masterpiece. Fortunately Hickman has dialled the bat shit crazy up to 10 for the second instalment. We see a shift from The Allies war efforts to more focus on what the soviets have been up to. They have their fare share of monstrosities to rival the Manhattan Projects.

Politics plays a much larger role in the second volume. The two enemies, both ranks full of ex Nazi scientists, try to overcome their differences and join forces to combat the extra dimensional threat introduced in volume one. We see the extend of the Projects autonomy from government as Kennedy's administration begins.

Hickman's writing is still at the top of his game in this book, the time spend fleshing out the characters never detracts from moving the story on at a fantastic pace. The trade is also full of his trademark design elements like logos and quotes, even the gaps in the story are great!

 Nick Pitarra's art is once again outstanding, as much of the story is told through shifting colour changes as is done through the art itself. The back up story featuring Oppenheimer's Civil war, were some of the best pages I've seen in comics all year.

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