Monday, 12 August 2013

Review: The Cleaners.

Volume 1. Absent Bodies.
Dark Horse Comics.
#1-4 & sketchbook.
Written by Mark Wheaton & Joshua Fialkov.
Art by Rashan Ekedal.

This random grab from the cheap pile, from creators previously unknown to me, turned out to be a really solid book. Starring ex surgeon Robert Bellarmie and his crime scene clean up crew as they pick their way through the horrific aftermaths of seemingly related crime scenes.

From the start you're aware that Robert has more invested in this career than just making a living.  He's also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to blood, disease and all manner of grisly shit. The story quickly becomes one of mystery, with the cleaners rushing to figure out what is going on after they are contracted to clean up two different crime scenes, dismissed as illegal blood bank dumpings. The supernatural twist at the end was great as well but way to spoilerific to get into on a review.

The Cleaners is really well paced and manages to tell a lot of story over 4 issues. The characters are intelligent and likable, they always know a lot more than about what is going on than the reader and this helps build a great tension in this mystery story. The writers have also done a thorough job researching all the medical science involved in telling a story like this.

Ekedal's art is top notch, it stays well detailed even in the smallest of panels and the action scenes are brilliant. I will definitely be looking out for more work from these guys!

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