Saturday, 3 August 2013

Catabloguing Incredible Hulk. (Greg Pak)

More and more people have been asking me about collecting Greg Pak's Hulk in trade. It suffers from renamings,  renumberings and tie-ins but is rewarding to complete.
While Jeph Loeb's Red Hulk is a really divisive comic, I personally loved it, Ed McGuinness' art is phenomenal and you need it to completely read Greg Pak's run.. An honourable mention for Jeff Parker for almost all the tie in work and for it being tightly written into the overall story. Here goes nothing....

Planet Hulk.
# Incredible Hulk 92-105 & Gladiators Guidebook.

World War Hulk.
Pak/Romita Jr
# World War Hulk 1-5 & What if Planet Hulk.

Vol.1 Son of Banner.
# Incredible Hulk 601-606 & Dark Reign: The List-Hulk.

Vol.2 Fall of The Hulks.
# Incredible Hulk 606-608 & Fall of the Hulks: Alpha.

V.3 World War Hulks.
# Incredible Hulk 609-611.

Dark Son.
# Incredible Hulk 613-617.

Chaos War: The Incredible Hulks
# Incredible Hulks 618-622 & 614-617 back ups.

Planet Savage. 
# Incredible Hulks 623-629.

Heart of the Monster.
# Incredible Hulks 630-635.

*Other essential reading.

Incredible Hercules.
WWH: The Warbound.
WWH: Damage Control.
Savage She-Hulk.
HULK vol1 Red Hulk.
HULK vol2 Red & Green.
HULK vol3 No More.
HULK vol4 Vs X-Force.
HULK vol5 Fall of the Hulks.
HULK vol6 World War Hulks.
Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk.
World War Hulks: Hulked Out Heroes.
Chaos War.

What to read next.

The Incredible Hulk by Jason Aaron. 
Red Hulk by Jeff Parker.

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  1. Awesome , really appreciate this post, I have 3 books and no clue of the order of 2 of them! Now I can't wait to fill my collection and get reading. Oh and just staring at them on my shelf. Hulk so pretty :D

    Almost finished Planet Hulk, and it was just so easy to read, loved the artwork and enjoyed reading him properly off earth. I've read dark son and enjoyed that loads, red she hulk was hilarious in that =D