Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New Trades Out 10/09/2014

Two weeks in a row! Told you I was back. Let's take a walk down the magical road paved with trades but try not to step on any of them!

Firstly a mention for a brilliant piece of Scottish culture out today. Saltire: Annihilation part 1. Published by Diamondsteel comics it is available in bookstores throughout the UK including Waterstones and Forbidden Planet (signing in FP Edinburgh today at 5pm) and on Amazon as well. Here's the official bio of the second book from Scotland's first super hero.....

The Dark Age, a desolate time.
A power grows to the south. A power bent on destruction...on annihilation. 
Not human...not spirit or shadow. Unleashed, she will bring despair. 
To protect the innocent, the guardians will stand once more... 
As chaos reigns before a vengeful enemy he shall rise once more...
the Immortal Guardian of a Nation.


I used to mention a new Avatar book once a month at best but nowadays they are a contender for best trade out this week, every week. With that being said Uber vol 2. Is out this week in paperback. Kieron Gillen's Uber redefined the alternate history market with his introduction of super powers to the dying days of World War II. After the devastating conflict between the English and Germans in volume 1 a new contender has approached the ring. Enter Japan! Collects #06-11.

Crossed Wish You Were Here Volume 4 HC,
Crossed Wish You Were Here Volume 4 TP,
Uber Volume 2 TP,


I shouldn't have to explain C&H to anyone that's on the Internet. This web comic phenomenon is without doubt my favourite nonsense available online and it brings whole new meaning to hitting the nail on the head. While there have been previous books out I think this is the first release in a trade format and would make a great addition to your shelf. I guarantee this will be the book you pull out most when you have 5 minutes to kill. As well as collecting a tonne of comics from the site it also contains 30 exclusive strips, a choose your own adventure and an introduction from Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.

Adventure Time Enchiridion Edition Volume 2 HC,
Adventure Time Volume 5 TP
Cyanide And Happiness Punching Zoo TP
Regular Show Volume 1 Hydration TP


B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth Volume 9 The Reign Of The Black Flame TP,

Legal Drug Omnibus TP, Nexus Omnibus Volume 6 TP,


DC have been saved from another shitty week of releases by their Vertigo imprint republishing a decade old book but damn, what a book. Perhaps Saga is the first Brian K. Vaughan comic you have read? Now is the time to go back and check out his amazing title Y. Set in a world where every man has died except our protagonist. Y features great, likable characters, drama, action and monkey shit. Unlike a lot of other ongoing Vertigo titles of the time (I'm looking at you DMZ) it really holds its quality over the whole 10 volumes. This is the reprinting of he first two volumes in one, similar to what they have just done with Preacher. Collects #01-10

Justice League Of America Volume 2 Survivors Of Evil HC,
Justice League Volume 4 The Grid TP,
Justice League Volume 5 Forever Heroes HC,
Legion Of Super-Heroes The Curse TP,
Showcase Presents Captain Carrot And His Amazing Zoo Crew TP,
Y The Last Man Volume 1 TP


Frank Thorne's Red Sonja Art Edition Volume 1 HC (Frank Thorne Signed Edition)


I don't know anything about the Powerpuff Girls comics. I just really wanted to use the pic on my blog. Collects #7-10

Powerpuff Girls Volume 2 Monster Mash TP,
Rocky And Bullwinkle Moose On The Loose TP,
Rogue Trooper Last Man Standing TP,

                                                                    IMAGE COMICS

Carbon Grey Volume 3 Mothers Of The Revolution TP,

Five Weapons Volume 2 Tyler's Revenge TP,
Zero Volume 2 At The Heart Of It All TP,


All New X-Men & Uncanny Avengers would be picks from Marvel this week but certainly not at Premiere HC prices. You can pick up the complete collection of Ed Brubaker's Winter Soldier. It is an espionage thriller set after Bucky's "death" in Fear Itself. Not to be confused with, Captain America: The Complete Winter Soldier Collection. Also by Brubaker. The collection includes Fear Itself #7.1  and Winter Soldier  #1-#14

For fans of the classics, the latest Epic Collection. Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comic Magazine collects #1- 18 (1961)

All-New X-Men Volume 5 One Down HC (Premiere Edition),
Castle A Calm Before Storm TP,
Fantastic Four Epic Collection Volume 1 The World's Greatest Comic Magazine TP,
Marvel Masterworks The Fantastic Four Volume 16 HC,
New Avengers Volume 2 Infinity TP,
Uncanny Avengers Volume 4 Avenge The Earth HC (Premiere Edition),
Winter Soldier By Ed Brubaker The Complete Collection TP,
X-Men Asgardian Wars TP (New Printing),

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