Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New Trades out 17/09/14


Gravel is one of the lesser known titles from the glory days of Warren Ellis birthing books like a rabbit. Returning now under the superb penmanship of Mike Wolfer who did a great job on Avatar's Stitched, firstly on art duties for Garth Ennis and then taking over as write on volume 2. This book collects #1-4 as well as a reintroduction to the main man Bill Gravel. Hopefully this will mean an omnibus in the offing as the original series can prove difficult to complete in trades. As for the story itself? Well it had me at "SAS Combat Mage."

Gravel Combat Magician Volume 4 TP 


Sons Of Anarchy Volume 1 TP 


Authentic Accounts Of Billy The Kid's Old Timey Oddities Omnibus TP
Complete Silencers TP
Ghost Volume 2 The White City Butcher TP
Leaving Megalopolis HC
Red Moon HC Savage Sword Of Conan Volume 17 TP


Something a little bit different from DC this week. Batman Unwrapped: The Court of Owls collects issues #1-11 in artists pencil form and extras of what is, in my opinion the best title from the New 52. I've already got the trade but I'll be tempted to get this just for the beauty of it.

Astro City Through Open Doors TP
Astro City Victory HC
Batman Unwrapped The Court Of Owls HC
Forever Evil Arkham War TP
Godzilla Awakening TP
New Teen Titans Volume 1 TP
Superman Wonder Woman Volume 1 Power Couple HC
Toe Tags Featuring George Romero TP
Unwritten Tommy Taylor And The Ship That Sank Twice TP


Transformers Phase One Omnibus TP


Image don't often roll out deluxe editions but today sees the release of the Blue Estate hard cover. Featuring #1-12 an alleged bonus features I can't find any info on. Let us know in the comments if you picked this up.

Blue Estate The Graphic Novel HC
Peter Panzerfaust Volume 4 The Hunt TP
Undertow Volume 1 Boatman's Call TP


(Original 96 cover.)

A few Marvel Now titles finally make it to paperback this week, as always costing way too much. I mentioned a few weeks ago the infinity omnibus featuring all the Avengers tie ins so make sure you check that out before going for individual trades. The Adventures of Cyclops and Pheonix is an impressive collection that I'm surprised didn't get a release around AvX. It includes: Adventures of Cyclops and Pheonix #1-4. Askani'son #1-4. Phoenix #1-3. X-Men Book of Askani and material from Marvel Valentine Special.

Avengers Volume 4 Infinity TP
Indestructible Hulk Volume 3 S.M.A.S.H. Time TP
Sub-Mariner And The Original Human Torch TP
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man By Brian Michael Bendis Volume 5 TP
Uncanny Avengers Volume 3 Ragnarok Now TP
Uncanny X-Men Volume 4 Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. HC (Premiere Edition)
X-Men The Adventures Of Cyclops And Phoenix TP

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