Tuesday, 23 September 2014

New Trades 24/09/2014

A relatively quiet week of releases is made up for by one trade I really want today. In the last couple of weeks I have chewed my way through a tonne of books so I'm hoping to get some reviews up soon.


Rover Red Charlie Volume 1 TP


At 96 pages it's not the meatiest deluxe edition I've ever seen but for only £7.50 I would say it is definitely worth picking up this zombie horror from Keith Giffen and Kody Chamberlain. Collects #1-3, this highly original concept sees victims tagged with an ancient curse of death and rotting that they must either endure or pass on. I'm in!

Tag Deluxe Edition TP


Captain Midnight Volume 3 For A Better Tomorrow TP
Lone Wolf And Cub Omnibus Volume 6 TP
Nightmare Carnival SC
Sally Heathcote Suffragette HC
Witcher Volume 1 TP


I don't want to take the easy way out and always mention whatever Batman book is out this week by DC but the blog's about collecting and wow! This is a pretty collection. Including issues #13-17 of Snyder's Batman and replica vinyl mask. The Vertigo imprint continues it's reprinting of titles in double volumes and It's BKV again this week but this time it's Ex Machina book 3. Collecting #21-29 & Special #3

Batman Death Of The Family Book And The Joker Mask Set
Batman Gordon Of Gotham TP
Ex Machina Volume 3 TP
Flash Omnibus Volume 1 HC
Forever Evil Blight TP
Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion TP
Harley Quinn Vengeance Unlimited TP


Crow Pestilence TP
Marvel Covers Artist's Edition HC
Maxx Maxximized Volume 2 HC
Star Trek Volume 8 TP
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents The Best of Wally Wood HC


Now the book I can't wait to pick up. Revival v.4 from Tim Seeley. The first three volumes have been laying down mysteries while answering some questions at an equal rate. The book I have long described as "not just another zombie book," Collecting #18-31 & Chew/Revival #1 this volume will see the story leave rural Wisconsin for the first time as Dana closes in on her sisters murderer

Chronicles Of Hate HC
Fatale Volume 5 Curse The Demon TP
Revival Volume 4 Escape To Wisconsin TP


Don't spend a penny on Bendis' GotG volume 2 if you haven't picked up the reprinting of Abnett & Lanning's seminal run that was just released a few weeks back. Not that the new title is awful, the A&L stuff is just a much wiser investment. If you're a fan of Marvel's new Epic Collections then this week it is the time for one of the most famous and over told origin stories in comic book history. THe Amazing Spider-Man: Great Power EC collects ASM #1-#17, Annual #1 and as always, material from Amazing Fantasy #15 (which I already have in 50 other TPB bonus material collections.)

Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Volume 1 Great Power TP
Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 Angela TP
Marvel Masterworks The Mighty Thor Volume 5 TP
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 7 Digest TP

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