Friday, 26 July 2013

Events. HC vs TPB


September will see Marvel release their Age of Ultron Hardcover, an oversized collection featuring the main event and all relevant tie ins. They did a similar thing with the beautiful AvX hardcover and it's companion.

It's a great way to save money and read an event together instead of waiting for various trades being released separately and the presentation is top class. They also come with a digital code, adding years to the books life and saves the hassle of lugging one of these monsters on to the train with you every morning. However I'm also a fan of a whole line rebranding on paperbacks, events like House of M and Civil War look amazing on a shelf when collected together. So I thought I'd put the question out to you fellow collectors.

One larger, cheaper hardcover collecting the whole event?

A run of similarly styled  trade paperbacks?

or like ‏@damien14273 are you happy to mix them up as long as you're getting to read the event?
Answers below please :)


  1. Personally, I'd go for the one, big, bastarding Hardcover, with digital code. Purely because it negates the worry of missing a certain TPB or certain issues and then missing something that could be relevant or important. Plus, they're huuuuge and good for killing wasps with...

  2. Yeah I lean towards them as well. Often when you do collect the individual traded they'll bulk them out with some 70's crap as well

  3. I'd go with several paperbacks. Much easier to physically read or to bring along to places, like if you're going away for the weekend. You're not gonna have time to read all of it so you read it in installments. It's a smart thing they're doing with the digital codes tho but not for me. I will say that bigger collections can serve a purpose if you have a hard time keeping track of all the components or if you want extras.

  4. ... Which is what you guys said. :P

  5. Confirmation of our own awesome thoughts is always welcome :)

  6. I lean towards the run of paperbacks, with matching spines. I'd prefer if there wasn't an image to be assembled on the spine though - that way I can pick and choose which tie-ins to get along with the main event, and they can all look nice on the shelf with their matching spines.