Thursday, 18 July 2013

No new trades!

Apologies for no new trades list this week. There's actually very little out and my pick would have to be volume 2 of Tim Seeley' s beautiful noir horror Revival.

I know a lot of European readers are interest in Panini's Marvel reprints and like myself can get frustrated with the lack of release information.  I was speaking with them on Facebook earlier so here's what they had to say.

They only trades I've read since last post have been volume 2 of Saga and Manhattan Projects.  Both every bit as good as their predecessors.  Expect reviews soon. Other than that I've been giving some of my newer books a more thorough re-read

Which book do you love no matter how many times you read it? My picks would be Locke & Key and Spider-Man: Back in Black. Answers in the comments please.


  1. its hard to narrow it to just 2 punisher business as usual and arkham asylum

  2. I have several things I love to re-read. Some examples would be:
    - The Dark Phoenix Saga
    - Nextwave
    - X-Men Vignettes (collecting the shorter back up stories that was published alongside the reprints in Classic X-Men)
    - Chris Giarusso's hilarious Mini-Marvels.
    - And many other things that I don't have in front of me at the moment so I can't remember! Uh... presumably some of them aren't Marvel superhero comics...

  3. Garth Ennis IS the Punisher!

    Bizarrely I'm Warren Ellis biggest fan but just couldn't get into Nextwave. One of the few trades I've ever sold on.

    Thanks for responses guys!