Thursday, 4 July 2013

Marvels Oversized Hardcovers

Outwith collecting hardcovers and paperback, another way to collect your favourite Marvel ongoing series is with their over sized HC's. Usually a year after the paperbacks and containing 2-4 story arcs these books are often very affordable compared to the equivalent number of paperbacks. For myself this means I can concentrate my money on other runs that are less likely to be collected in this format.
They are a pleasure to read, The larger pages beautifully display the artwork inside, (although in the case of the Matt Fraction, Uncanny X-Men OHC's, this also means more of Greg Lands art.) Well put together and bound they sit open perfectly on your lap and there's no gutter loss.
Some of my favourite so far include:
Invincible Iron Man Oversized HC, Volume 1
Issues #1-19
Daredevil by Mark Waid. Volume 1
Issues #1-10, 10.1; Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 677
X-Force Volume 1.
Issues #1-11.
Spider-Man: Big Time Ultimate Collection.
Issues #648-662 & 654.1
Issues 22-42, Winter Soldier: Winter Kills.
The OHC I'm most looking forward to?
Hawkeye Oversized HC.
Issues #1-11, Young Avengers Presents 6

Comparitive pics.

Size difference compared to TP.
Without dustcover.
Left to right: Oversized HC, Premier HC, Trade paperback.

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