Tuesday, 7 October 2014

New Trades Out 08/10/2014

Another great week for fans of trades and comic shop owners families. I've still got Nailbiter to read from last week. Without a doubt my favourite book from last wednesday was Southern Bastards volume 1. Happily filling the Scalped shape hole in my life. So we're going to start off with the long awaited return of the Goon!

                                                                   AVATAR PRESS

Crossed Volume 10 HC
Crossed Volume 10 TP 


Regular Show Volume 2 TP


It's been over a year and a half since the last Goon paperback but it is one series that's always worth waiting for in all its beautifully hand painted glory. Volume 13 features the long awaited return of the Zombie Priest and a Latin Godzilla among much more awesome. Collecting #42-45.  

Blacksad Amarillo HC
Creepy Archives Volume 20 HC
Crime Does Not Pay Archives Volume 8 HC
Elfquest The Original Quest Gallery Edition HC  
Goon Volume 13 For Want Of Whiskey And Blood TP  
Halo Escalation Volume 1 TP  
Misfits Of Avalon Volume 1 The Queen Of Air And Delinquency TP  
Predator Versus Judge Dredd Versus Aliens HC  
Star Wars Rebel Heist TP


Batman Noir The Long Halloween HC  
Green Arrow Volume 2 Here There Be Dragons TP  
Green Arrow Volume 5 The Outsiders War TP
Smallville Season 11 Volume 5 Olympus TP


Ash And The Army Of Darkness TP  
Magnus Robot Fighter Volume 1 Flesh And Steel TP  
Neil Gaiman's The Last Temptation HC  
Shadow Volume 4 Bitter Fruit TP


It is time to bid a very sad farewell to what has been, in my opinion, the greatest horror comic of the last decade. I can't wait to get my hands on this as the tension has been ramped up to almost unbareable levels in the first 5 volumes. It is also one of the only places to see the absolutely breathtaking art of Gabriel Rodriguez, a name I hope to see more often on other books now that Locke & Key is wrapped up. If you haven't read any of the series there's a lovely slipcase complete collection due in November which I will cover closer to the time.

City The Mind In The Machine Volume 1 TP  
Locke And Key Volume 6 Alpha And Omega TP 
My Little Pony Omnibus Volume 1 TP  
Ripley's Believe It Or Not Daily Cartoons 1929-1930 HC
Star Trek New Visions TP
Transformers Legacy A Celebration Of Transformers Package Art HC
V-Wars Volume 1 Crimson Queen TP  
Wonder Woman The Complete Newspaper Comics Volume 1 HC


East of West volume 3 will be the book I'm waiting outside my local comic shop for this morning. Collecting #11-#15 of Hickman and Dragotta's race towards the apocolypse in a future American mash up of science fiction and western, it's been done before but never like this! Witness the latest Walking Dead omnibus through the eyes of Charlie Adlard in the latest Artists Proof Edition Hardcover. Collecting just the raw pencils of the entire All Out War story arc #115-125. It really has to be seen to be appreciated and thankfully @alphacomics of, Alpha Comics very kindly let me steal this awesome pic.


America's Got Powers TP
East Of West Volume 3 There Is No Us TP
Minimum Wage Volume 1 Focus On The Strange TP  
Ravine Volume 2 TP
Walking Dead All Out War Artist Proof Edition HC


Volume 3 of Hawkguy out this week. Already confirmed as finished, this would be a great title to pick up if you're looking for something that's not going to go on and span 15 volumes and 2 tie ins. This collects #14,16, 18-19, 21 & annual. I'm behind on Hawkeye so I can't tell you  why that is. I'm looking forward to checking out Kelly Sue Deconnick's Captain Marvel as well, heard nothing but great things. Oh and it features The GoTG, because... Hollywood! Collects #1-6 of Captain (Ms) Marvel's latest ongoing with art from David Lopez.

All-New Doop TP
Captain Marvel Volume 1 Higher Further Faster More TP
Hawkeye Volume 3 L.A. Woman TP
Marvels Companion TP
She-Hulk Volume 1 Law And Disorder TP
Ultimate FF Strangest Ever TP
X-Men Volume 3 Bloodline TP

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