Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Top Selling Trades. September 2013

1. East of West Vol. 1 TPB (Image)
2. Justice League Vol. 3 HC (DC)
3. Star Wars Vol. 1 TPB (Dark Horse)
4. The Walking Dead Vol. 9 TPB (Image)
5. The Walking Dead 100 Project TPB (Image)
6. Justice League Vol. 2 TPB (DC)
7. Saga Vol. 1 TPB (Image)
8. Saga Vol. 2 TPB (Image)
9. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Vol. 2 TPB (IDW)
10. Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 HC (Marvel)

You have to wonder at what point will Marvel and DC stopped being referred to as the big 2 and incorporate Image into the big 3. With a collection of Walking Dead covers selling considerably better than anything from Marvel and they've published around 50% of the top selling trades consistently every month. 

Without getting into the wider argument of quality of books produced by other publishers, it's worth considering how much Image's pricing policy affects peoples purchasing. Saga and East of West are not only the two best books on the list, they also are the two cheapest, with the first volumes RRP being just £7.50.

I've been meaning to pick up Dark Horse's new Star Wars title, based on the original script and written by Brian Wood, this is a really strong entry. I also had no Idea Geoff John's Justice League was so popular so perhaps I should revisit it as well. The time has come for me to stop glossing over My Little Ponies success as it's constant chart appearances can no longer be put down to a fluke and it's legions of fans are not going to rest until it is number one. Congratulations IDW.

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